about me

at some point i'll put something official here

I do lots of things

I'm from San Bernardino, CA. I graduated from UC Riverside in 2006 as an English major,

I lived in Tokyo for a few years, am fluent in Japanese, sorta okay in Spanish and Mandarin,

and am now doing two things:

finishing a PhD at Cornell University on Japanese rap music

and journalism.

I used to write for the Los Angeles Times, and am now a correspondent on Vice News Tonight on HBO

Thus far I've gotten a Fulbright, contributed to Pulitzer-winning coverage, and have been nominated for an Emmy. Still working on getting that XXL Freshman nod though.

For recent things I've written for various outlets, check here. To check out my library collection of Japanese hip-hop materials at UC Riverside, check here (it's open to the public).

And here's an abbreviated resume. Feel free to contact me if you need specifics.




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