Here are a few pieces I've written recently. If you want to check more, see here for a general portfolio, here for my stuff at Vice News, or here for old work at LA Times.

Black (and funny) in Japan

Ike Nwala does live shows with two different comedy troupes, appears on variety shows, and does commercials. He’s on TV just about every day, which is a typical workload for a rising star in Tokyo. Probably the only atypical thing about Ike is that he’s black.

Check my video interview with Ike here.

Every time a black person is killed by police, Americans search for Chris Rock

Every time a high-profile police shooting of a black person occurs, google searches for a Chris Rock skit called "How Not to Get Your Ass Kicked by the Police” skyrocket.

I looked at the data.

The Japanese pro wrestler who almost got Muhammad Ali's leg amputated

If you’ve never heard of the fight that almost got one of Muhammad Ali's legs amputated, it doesn’t mean that you’re a bad sports fan. It probably just means that you’re not Japanese. Read my breakdown of the event in the LA Times, here.

On Like Donkey Kong: Super Nintendo vs Hip-Hop

I interviewed the composer of the Donkey Kong Country soundtrack on how he feels about being sampled by Childish Gambino and Drake. Read it here.

a brief history of japanese disco

A three-part series that breaks down 1) how the Soul Train anthem has a Japanese connection, 2) a Japanese techno act that trolled the Soul Train audience, and 3) how comic books helped Soul Train get on the air in Tokyo. Read it here, and I guess wait for the rest when my book comes out.

Prince, Michael Jackson, and James Brown on stage together was a gift we didn't deserve

I wrote about having to call my dad when Prince died. Read more here.

Being black is exhausting

For a lot of black Americans, watching black people die on camera feels like a job.

Written for the LA Times, here.