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Here are some of my favorite segments below. You can see more, along with some of my writing accompanying the pieces, on the Vice News site, or check a YouTube playlist with most of my segments here.

Politics, DRUGS, Guns

Let it burn, bro

Colin Kaepernick’s new Nike ad inspired some people to burn their shoes. The ad might seem like a risky move, but it’s actually the safest bet you can make in the fashion industry – betting on black people. I break it down here.

Enough to kill a city

Overdoses from heroin and other opioids now kill an average of 78 Americans daily. I visited an Ohio county that's been experiencing an average of 20 to 25 overdoses a day, and talked to a coroner who found a terrifying synthetic variant in the bodies that were coming in.

This one received an 2017 Emmy nomination for Outstanding Hard News Feature Story in a Newscast.

survived a mass shooting? come to the dance hall.

Dr. Shiva Ghaed treats patients suffering from combat-related trauma, so she's a natural fit for helping people who have lived through a mass shooting.

But it’s not just her expertise, or her love of country music that has earned the trust of her newest group of “patients”.

On the night of the 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas, she was also there in the audience.


being black (and funny) in Japan

It’s extremely difficult for anyone from the outside to make it in Japan, and it’s even harder in the entertainment industry.

But one guy has figured it out, thanks to years of hard work and a dead-on impression of a Disneyland announcer.

I went to Tokyo to meet Ike, a Nigerian-American comedian who’s now on Japanese TV every day.

JAPAN: Death by Overwork

When the Japanese government launched "Premium Friday", an official policy encouraging companies to let employees off work early, some people saw it as a way to prevent Karoshi, or “death by overwork”.

But things aren’t so simple.

a north korean crisis in los angeles

Los Angeles' Koreatown hosts the largest population of North Koreans in the United States.

But while living in an area where so many residents also speak their language can make easing into American society less daunting, they can also face discrimination - from other Koreans.

Thank you to Ms. May, and the other North Korean immigrants I spoke to, for letting me share this story with the world.



If you want a legit pair of the new Off-White Converse sneakers, that’ll run you $1500. You can get a great knockoff version for just $80 – but most Americans have no idea where these fake shoes actually come from.

We went to Putian, China, home to a thriving underground counterfeit shoe industry – and met the guy who’s been supplying hypebeasts with high quality fakes via a Reddit connection.

Or, read this article we wrote about how his empire almost fell apart here.

By the way, I’m holding about $5k in merchandise in that screenshot.


Drake isn't a just rapper. He's a walking economic stimulus package. I went to Toronto to find out just how much money he brings in to the city.

i tested my “white voice” on the creators of “SORRY TO BOTHER YOU”

If you're not white, odds are that you've used a 'white voice' on the phone. It's pretty useful.

I sat down in a call center and phoned up the creators of the weirdest movie of 2018 to talk about race, communism, and nude scenes.

Interview with Kenan Thompson on failure, “ALL THAT”, and being black on SNL

I’ve been watching Kenan Thompson since “All That”. So it was pretty cool to talk to him about his career thus far – his feelings of self-doubt, whether or not it’s time to move on from SNL, and what it would take to revive his infamous “What Up With That” sketch.

Make America Nazi-Free Again

Bethesda's Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is set in 1961, in an alternate history where the Nazis won, have colonized America, and are letting the KKK run wild.

But when the company started releasing trailers for the game with the slogans like "Make America Nazi-Free Again" - clear references to the Trump administration - some gamers got offended.

Content warning: lots of violence, lots of Nazis, lots of swearing, and a really, really big lizard.

Santa Claus is a Black Man

If you’re from New Orleans, you know the truth.

Santa Claus is real, but he doesn't live at the North Pole. He's 75 years old, and he lives right over down in the 7th Ward.

Also, he's black.